Skill-it eliminates the majority of resistant colors and types of algae. It does not stain and is non-metallic. It’s a user-friendly product that doesn’t require adjustment to the water pH before applying. Customers find Skill-it Algaecide to be an important tool for fighting resistant, persistent algae over the long term. The product can be reapplied if the initial application doesn’t completely eliminate the algae problem. Skill-it Algaecide can be added by itself directly to the pool water or water circulation equipment to eliminate algae. Skill-it Algaecide is a user-friendly, EPA registered algae remover. It removes strong and persistent algae including most types, colors and forms of algae. It can be applied directly to water for treatment. 50% concentration. Non-metallic formula that won’t cause staining

Must be used with proper chlorine or non-chlorine oxidizer to activate. Knock out is user friendly and is safe for all pool surfaces. It is a non-foaming, odorless and broad spectrum water treatment. Can be used with alternative devices like ionizers, mineral feeders and chlorine salt generators.
99% Active Sodium Bromide water treatment It is registered for sale in California. It creates crystal clear water when used with an EPA approved oxidizer or sanitizer

High levels of phosphates can create a variety of problems including water discoloration . When you have these problems, Phosphate Remover will help you remove the high levels and keep your water clear and sparkling. You can use Phosphate Remover along with your regular maintenance routine to help you maintain ideal water conditions. It’s a non-hazardous product and swimmers can re-enter the water right after you apply the product. Phosphate Remover is compatible with all types of sanitizing routines and filter media. It’s a non-toxic product that you can feel safe using around your family and guests. Phosphate Remover won’t affect the chlorine levels in your water.

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This is the product of choice in areas with hard water problems. It removes many types or organic stains and combined with Aquadex 50 Stain Off will remove 98% of all types of surface stains. The product is an effective tool for new pool startups, newly filled pools, spring pool startup, seasonal winterizing and ongoing maintenance. Protect All Supreme can also be used on spas, hot tubs and decorative pools.
Protect All Supreme is an easy-to-use product that removes problems such as calcium and scale-buildup on pools, spas and decorative pools. The treatment is non-hazardous and produces quick and effective results.

Aquadex 50 Stain-Off / Spa Stain Off removes copper iron and metallic stains from plaster pools and black colbalt stains from fiberglass. Stain removal results can be noticed within 48 hours up to 10 days depending on how old or fresh the stains are. The product is stable at higher temperatures so works well in the spa environment. The effectiveness of Aquadex 50 Stain Off won’t be compromised by chlorine, acid or other sanitizing products. The product can be mixed with Plaster White ‘n Brite as a booster for removing difficult metal stains in an acid wash.
Metal stain remover. Quicky removes metal stains in spas, pools and fountains. It stays stable at high temperatures. Stain removal will be apparent in one to 10 days depending on age of the stain and severity. Second application might be necessary after 10 days.

Cloudy and dull water is a common problem in swimming pools and spas. Just two ounces treats 14,000 gallons of water. It is especially effective after algae treatments, dust storms or other times the water gets cloudy or loses is sparkle. It’s user-friendly, safe and will not clog the filter. Clearex 500 is a professional strength product that is suitable for home use. It’s safe and is hypoallergenic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It won’t clog your pool or spa’s filter and works effectively with all pool filtration systems. Clearex 500 is free of petroleum and is not an oil-based product. You can get clear and sparkling water safely and quickly with this product. A professional favorite pool clarifier. Restores sparkle and clarity to pool water. 1 quart treats 224,000 gallons. Natural and safe. Economical and won’t clog filters.

Aqua Pure Algaecide is a unique copper/quat formula for eliminating algae in all the common colors and forms. This chleated formula helps to prevent copper staining which can be common hen using other copper algaecides.

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Oil Out leaves no residue and will clean oil from the filter. It cleans oil on contact and is safe for both the environment and swimmers. Swimmers can re-enter the water immediately after treatment. Oil Out Enzyme combines effectively with Clearex 500 to provide superior water cleaning which is extemely helpful in commercial pools with high bather loads. Oil -Out Enzyme provides a variety of benefits such as improving filtration, clearing water and making water sparkle. The product also prevents scum from building up on tile. It’s a hypo-allergenic product that is also non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic so you can feel safe using the product in your pool. You won’t have to worry about hurting swimmers or the environment. The product can be diluted and put in a spray bottle which can be used as a tile and surface cleaner to remove oil and scum.